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We are now selling bricktiles in the Johannesburg area, contact us today for enquiries on Export, Retail and Installation sales - 084 441 1435 (Mustafa).

24 Ebony Field Avenue

Springfield Park


KwaZulu Natal

South Africa

031 579 4201 / 579 4202

084 441 1435


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Zeela Bricktiles is an esteemed tiling business, manufacturing, selling and installing tiles which give you a face brick finished wall without the wearisome efforts of using a full brick.

Our tiles are sliced from full clay bricks producing an eye-catching 9mm tile and can be applied onto walls, giving it a full facebrick finish.

We cut a selection of bricks, made from specific mine sand from all over South Africa , allowing us to bring you a wide assortment of rich earthy colours exclusive to our South African soils.

Brick tiling an existing wall to achieve a face brick finish is not only a cost effective and a quicker alternative to laying Face Bricks, it is also maintenance free, guarding against damp and all weather conditions as well as instantly increasing the value of your property.

Applied correctly, this is a lifelong investment that protects and beautifies your walls.

Why Paint In Vain? Bricktile And Gain!

Welcome To Zeela Bricktiles

- We supply bricktiles in Durban, Johannesburgh, South Africa and Africa.


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We offer immaculate bricktiles installation with a life time guarantee, applying your own bricktiles is quite simple with no hassle, if done according to our instructions...